5 signs you are dating a toxic guy

While three months into a relationship, you will know if something isn’t right. Your mind will tell you the signs you are dating a toxic guy, but it isn’t easy to convince the heart that he isn’t the right person for me.

While dating a toxic guy, you will think of everything as being your fault even though you aren’t sure of your mistake. These are common signs you are dating a toxic guy. One day you will feel good, but the next day will not be less than hell. You will be asking yourself what the heck is happening in your life.

Unfortunately, when you are in a toxic relationship, it’s hard to tell that and even harder to call it to quit. Admit or not, most days, you will want to leave the relationship and get your freedom back. People who have problems in their relationship but won’t admit deep down they already know what’s happening.

What is a toxic relationship?

What is a toxic relationship?

In a healthy relationship, everything works on its own. Sure, you will disagree on things, fight on some matters, and there will bump along the relationships. But the important thing is you will make decisions together, will be willing to discuss the issues openly, and would love to enjoy each other’s company.

While toxic relationships are a whole other story, according to relationship experts and therapists, you will feel drained after spending time with a toxic partner. It means you need to change things.

You love your partner, but toxic relationships are not enjoyable at all. You always fight at the wrong times and can’t even stop arguing over minor issues. Instead of looking forward to meeting each other, you will become anxious as the time come.

Below we will discuss the 5 signs you are dating a toxic guy, plus some guidance on what to do if you find these signs in your partner.

5 signs you are dating a toxic guy

Here are the 5 signs you are dating a toxic guy:

  1. They lie a lot

Oh! You aren’t able to deal with the lies. You know that you lie to yourself every time, but you are too afraid to bring it up. As you already know that they will play the blame game with you.

People dating a toxic guy don’t know how bad this relationship can affect their health. It can even be a worse scenario if you have trust issues. People can suffer significantly from toxic relationships; traces can remain for years. When the lies start building up, the truth becomes invisible.

Another thing common among such people is that they don’t even consider some lies as lies because they are too small and should be ignored. It’s not, girl; lies are lies if they can’t be honest with these small things; how can you expect them to tell the big stuff?

So if you have already caught them multiple times lying to you, then it’s easier to call it quits rather than tolerating it. It’s easier to change the behavior if one is willing to.

  1. Passive aggressiveness

We know how important it is to have excellent communication to build a strong relationship. At the start of the relationship, it’s hard to open up in a relationship. Trust and communication is something that builds up with time.

But it would not be the case when you are in a toxic relationship. The simple answer is that they don’t want to. They need to communicate better as it’s a lot of effort. People in a toxic relationship must know the feeling of shutting down by the person with whom you are planning your future.

Instead of communicating what’s in their head, they want you to guess what he wants from you in that specific situation. Even after a long time, this attitude will not go, and it doesn’t go long in a relationship. You will slowly start resenting him for being such a passive-aggressive who always needs to put his feeling first no matter what the other person expects.

It also links with the following points.

  1. Envy and jealousy

Having a little jealousy from time to time is good, and it shows your partner’s love. But according to relationship therapists, it can be unhealthy for a relationship if it keeps building up from time to time. The jealousy will not let you think positively about your partner’s successes.

The same goes for envy feelings. Of course, it’s perfectly natural human nature. But when it can instantly start eroding the relationship when you lead it to build mistrust and constant suspicion.

  1. Controlling behavior

Does your partner get easily annoyed when you don’t answer their calls or texts? Or does he ask you about your location all the time? These behaviors result from jealousy and lack of Trust. But they may want to have complete control over their partner. All of these characteristics can result in a toxic relationship.

In some cases, these attempts can convert into an abusive relationship. Girls, don’t let him control you so you wouldn’t regret it later on.

  1. Resentment

Holding on to grudges and getting them on your nerves can destroy the intimacy of a relationship. With time resentment and frustration can build up in a relationship that makes more minor things into a bigger one.

Suppose you tolerate this behavior quietly because you don’t feel safe speaking up about things bothering you. Or if you think your partner will not listen to your concerns in the relationship, these are the clears signs you are dating a toxic guy.

Is it possible to fix a toxic relationship?

Many people think there is no way a toxic relationship can work, but that’s not the case in all cases. The main thing to make an unhealthy relationship work is that both partners are ready to change. Unfortunately, very few couples can change themselves and save their relationships.

Here are the few things that you two will need to work on:

  • Accepting their responsibilities toward their partners
  • Willingness to invest time in their relationship
  • Instead of blaming each other, understands the situations
  • Stop dwelling on the past
  • Help each other in situations
  • Compassion in the relationship
  • Decide how to move forward
  • Start therapy to get extra help


Staying with a toxic person will only drag you down. The good news is that you are not married; you are just dating them. You can quickly move to the person who gives you the love and importance you deserve. Find a considerate and cheerful man, and your whole day gets brightened up when you are with them.

Why are you willing to live in the rain when you can live life in the sun? Life is too short to spend with a toxic person who will never regret anything. You have a significant and beautiful world to discover. It would be great to spend it with someone who will love you the same way you love him.


  • How do you know if you have a toxic partner?

With a toxic partner, you will always feel like you are getting into things you don’t want to. Your partner’s behavior will be continuously confusing. You will always be in a situation that demands an apology from his side, but it will never come. In short, you will always have to defend yourself in front of that person. All these things will result in an uncomfortable relationship.

  • What does a toxic partner behave like?

You can tell you have a toxic partner in the relationship; instead of bringing joy is making you feel angry, anxious, or sad. When you have a toxic partner, you will see the difference between a happy couple and your relationship. There will be a negative impact on your health, and you will also see many red flags in your relationship.

  • What are the signs of an unhealthy relationship?

Some characteristics of an unhealthy relationship include:

  • Dishonesty
  • Intimidation
  • Sexual violence
  • Disrespect
  • Dishonesty
  • Physical abuse
  • Hostility
  • Controlling behavior

  • What are the red flags in a guy?

Here are some red flags in a guy that you should look at before getting into a relationship:

  • They don’t listen to you
  • They will force you to be in a physical relationship before you are ready
  • The relationship revolves around them
  • They don’t support your goals
  • They always make you feel bad about yourself
  • They let you second-guess their feelings

  • What is the most toxic behavior in a relationship?

In a relationship, gaslighting is the most common form of emotional manipulation and toxic behavior that one should never ignore. Gas lighting is a form of emotional manipulation; you shouldn’t tolerate it.

  • What are the 3 main qualities of love?

The three main qualities of love are passion, commitment, and intimacy. It’s vital to know that a relationship based on a single element has very few chances of survival compared to one based on two or more.

  • How do you tell if he’s not the one for you?

Here are a few signs that show he is not the one for you:

  • He doesn’t respect you
  • You will feel like you are playing the role of his son
  • He doesn’t communicate
  • He isn’t supportive of your decisions
  • You both disagree on basic things
  • He makes you feel bad
  • You are always having the breakup thoughts

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