Are Women And Females The Same?

No, women and female are both different terms. A female represents a biological category, while a woman is a whole human person. That means women are a noun; most people use it as an adjective to give it a more specific meaning and highlight gender over sex.

From a grammatical point of view, replacing a female with the word “women” doesn’t feel right. The term female refers to specie sex that can produce offspring. It is an adjective that can be used to describe any specie.

Using a female as a replacement for the word “women” in any sentence doesn’t make sense. If a female word is present, then it can be used as a descriptor. For instance; “I saw this female in my office.”

A female! Are you talking about a female duck or female squirrels? Are women and females the same? Let’s dig deep into the discussion:

Tone and Intent

Whenever I see people using the word female, I have never seen them using it correctly. That doesn’t even feel positive or sound respectful. When someone uses the word female, they use it harshly with an arrogant tone. Here are some examples, but it is not limited to that.

“These females here need to realize that…..”

“Who will go through the trouble over a female?”

“All females do such sort of things.”

The only thing these phrases have in common is the blunt use of the word female. It makes a misogynist statement sounds more abusive. At least I haven’t seen any male using the word female as a compliment. My girlfriend is a strong female, my mother is an outstanding female, my daughter is a brilliant little female, etc. The only time I hear this word is when someone is being arrogant and taking in a disrespectful attitude.

6 Difference between the word women and female

6 Difference between the word women and female

Are women and females the same? Here are the six main differences and a big reason that you should stop referring the women as female:

  1. Both are two different words with different meanings.

The word female is a biological term that refers to the specific sex of specie that is capable of producing offspring. Women are specifically used to refer to human beings, while females could refer to any specie on earth.

  1. We don’t refer to men as the “males.”

Have you listened to any women talking about men using the word males? Do you know that male? No one has ever said that.

  1. The word female reduces the woman to her reproductive qualities, which are both exclusionary and dehumanizing.

When you represent a woman as a female, you forget she is a female human. You only reduce the women to reproduction ability or the reproductive parts.

Besides, not all women are biological females. Naming women as female removes the Trans community and the gender-non-confronting people.

  1. Its grammatically incorrect

The word female is generally used as an adjective. When you start using the word “female” as a noun, you erase the subject you refer to.

For example:

I saw that female the other day.

A female duck or what? There needs to be a straightforward subject in this sentence.

“I met a female presidential candidate last day.”

It’s a sentence about a human being. It should be noted that using the word female gives a sexist impression when used in a case that isn’t noticeable. Referencing a firefighter as a female firefighter is only appropriate when it is related to the story. Otherwise, she is just a female firefighter. But talking about a situation like the “first female firefighter” is acceptable as it’s relevant to the story.

  1. It is generally used to contempt or imply inferiority

Only sometimes, but in most cases. And it generally happens when the word female is used as a noun. For example, females are the worst. Want to see some proof? Search the word “female on Twitter, and you will see the results.

  1. The word you are looking for already exists

And the best replacement word for the female is Women.

Simple solution

Are women and females the same? It’s a concise article because there is a simple solution to this problem. However, the solution is only possible once people themselves want to bring the change. After a little conversation with my partner, he stops misusing the word female. At the same time, a majority of people are still confused about why being called a female is offensive.

It is logical as we are being introduced to new information opposite to what we already know. It’s better to ask a question to have a clear mind. I calmly explain why you shouldn’t misuse the words female and women. But the main issue is still normalizing the misuse of the word female or dismissing the issue altogether.

After knowing the issue, most people went from, I understand now, but another group said I don’t want to. The second one is the group of people who I want to avoid associating with. It will not cost these men anything if women are saying she is feeling offended by his wording.

But these people will justify their irrational behavior. There is no issue if we stop misusing a word that is hurting the feeling of our loved ones.


To conclude this article, pay closer attention to how the other person reacts to your genuine feelings. Pay close attention to their behavior if you are going to someone you know with your vulnerability and true feelings. Request them to have a slight change in their behavior as it is hurting your feelings. Their way of paying attention and a specific change in their behavior will be enough to tell you how much their respect your intentions.


What is the gender of the lady?

Lady is a feminine gender noun.

Should I say, woman or lady?

The word lady is the formal way to address or refer to a woman. It is considered the most respectful and polite way to refer to a woman. The word woman is also a polite way to address an adult female. It is used as a noun.

Can I use the word female?

The term female refers to the sex of a specie that can produce offspring. Female is an adjective, and you can refer to any specie. In simple words, using the word female as a replacement for the word woman in the sentences doesn’t make sense.

How to politely address a woman?

You can use the word miss when referring to or addressing a young girl or woman under 30 who is also unmarried. Use the word “Ms.” when you are not sure of the marital status of a woman. If the woman is over 30 and unmarried, then it would be best to refer to her with a marital status-neutral title like Mrs.

How should an old girl be called a woman?

There is a general rule of thumb to use the word girl for all females in their college age. Use the word young woman till 30 and woman after 30. You can also add the word young according to the age of the person in front of you.


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R Sehar

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