Divorce vs. Dissolution of Marriage – Difference

We, as humans, aren’t meant to live alone; we all need someone to spend our lives with until the very end. To save ourselves from a lifetime of loneliness, we humans have come up with a social contract that pairs us until death does us part. Of course, the social contract that we are talking about here is none other than marriage. Marriage is a socially accepted sacred contract between couples who love each other and are willing to spend their entire lives together.

Even though we consider marriage a sacred bond between two souls, it’s not uncommon to see married couples becoming weary of each other. Many married couples, especially the older generations, tend to soldier through the weariness and spend their entire lives living with someone they aren’t fond of anymore. Even though you can maintain a charade of marriage and die unhappy, it goes without saying that it’s not exactly the best way to go through life. So it’s better to end the marriage before it’s too late and you regret it for the rest of your life.

Even though almost all marital disputes end in divorce, not all causes of divorces are the same. Any dispute-related divorces are where one party in the marriage feels they are being wronged and wants to come out of the marriage. There are usually two ways a married couple can end their marriage: the first is through a divorce, and the other is through dissolution. Dissolution of marriage usually means that the two people in the marriage have fallen out of love with each other and find no more peace living together.

The two types of marriage separation have been thoroughly discussed in this divorce vs. dissolution of marriage article. By reading this entire article, you will better understand how and why people separate from their long marriages and the main difference between these two terms: divorce and dissolution of marriage.

What is marriage?

What is marriage?

Marriage is a social contract that validates two people’s love and establishes them as a family in the eyes of society. Marriage has many connotations in different cultures and religions. But in reality, marriage is not more than a certificate that solidifies you and your life partner as a family and allows you to have children and live together.

Marriage is the first step toward starting a family and shaping society’s next generation. Even though marriage is just a social contract, the ritual of marriage plays a vital role in any given society. But despite marriage being so integral to our society, it’s not healthy for anyone to stay in a toxic relationship only for society’s sake.

What is the dissolution of marriage?

Marriage dissolution indicates that once in love, a couple has grown tired of each other. For one reason or another, the two individuals in the marriage don’t feel attracted to each other. Dissolution frequently results in divorce, but it only remains a dissolution until proper legal steps are taken to end the marriage completely.

This can happen for many reasons, from breaking a partner’s trust to having constant arguments to simply not getting along with your husband or wife. Some marriage counselors can help a married couple reignite their lost flair. But sometimes, therapy can feel forced, which can seriously harm the quality of life for all parties involved.

Usually, dissolution of marriage ends in divorce as well. But in marital disillusionment, both parties agree upon certain terms and end the relationship completely. In situations like this, whoever wants to keep the children (if there are any) gets custody within mutual agreements. Disillusionment divorces are better than direct divorces because, in this situation, the couple can end the relationship without too much hassle and stress.

When a couple’s marriage dissolves, they can stop living together and move on. Still, they will have to file for divorce to make it legally acceptable.

What is divorce?

What is divorce?

Divorce is the final solution for anyone suffering from a toxic marriage. When someone in a married couple files for divorce, they want to end the marriage and move on with their lives. A couple may live separately if they feel disillusioned with their marriage, but it won’t be legally recognized.

Usually, one party in marriage files for divorce against their partner when they feel they have been wronged in some way. The person who files for divorce is often abused or cheated on. This distrust fuels other problems in a marriage as well. When that happens, divorce becomes the only solution to fix the situation.

When someone divorces their partner with legal and professional help, their debts, assets, and responsibilities are divided so they can easily transition into their new lives. In divorce cases, the children’s custody is often given to the mother.

Divorce Vs Dissolution Of Marriage: Summary

So, dissolution of marriage is when someone or both parties become disenchanted with their relationship; when disillusionment goes through the legal procedures to end the marriage, it becomes divorce.

Throughout the years of a marriage, a lot can change. Circumstances and new experiences can change people, which is why many marriages end in dissolution or complete divorce. Still, it’s always good to not make rash decisions, as you can always fall in love with your partner all over again. It’s better to always better to make up for your own mistakes and let your partner do the same.

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