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Does a man have to pay for everything?

Does a man have to pay for everything?

It’s a common debate; does a man have to pay for everything in a relationship? Is it the guy’s responsibility to pay the bill for everything, or should both partners split equally? Instead of taking a side, I will let you know both sides of the argument.

Some people believe that a guy should be responsible for all financial matters. Per the traditional gender roles, he is the family’s breadwinner and should be accountable for her every need. At the same time, some guys think they need to prove their importance by paying for her every need.

Some people believe in equality and that both partners must pay equally for everything. After all, the modern age is based on equality. So both partners should similarly have a financial contribution to their relationship. It will prevent one person from feeling that he is always footing the bill, and it’s unfair.

So who’s the right one in these situations?

There is no accurate answer as, in the end, it will depend on the couple to decide what works best for them. Have an open conversation with your partner and see what you two feel is right in your relationship. Let’s have a deep discussion to see what fits your situation.

Does a man have to pay for everything in a relationship?

Well, depending on the different situations, the answer is neutral. The answer depends upon the situation and his attitude towards paying. For example, you two are in a situation where there is a significant economic difference between you. In such cases, it will be more suitable for him to pay in a relationship.

Besides, in the initial stage of the relationship, many men willingly spend money on their partner. In a romantic relationship where he sees you as a life partner, he will be willing to pay for you; as I mentioned earlier, it entirely depends on his attitude.

Respect and equality

Nowadays, many people in a relationship see women with respect and take them as equals. But if a guy is paying for everything, how can those be equal? How can he still respect someone if she isn’t contributing anything financially? In a relationship, everything should be 50/50.

Independent women always have money for their clothes and the materialistic items she needs. Partners should be equal. If one person is paying for everything and the other is sitting back just watching doesn’t make sense.

Besides, if a man is financially responsible for everything you do, he will hold power in a relationship. It will allow him to do whatever he wants, as you aren’t contributing financially. I have personally seen this many times.

For example, in the case of my mom and dad, both do their work. But my mom only pays for something. My dad pays the house bill, cars, groceries, electricity bills, and everything else. Since my dad was paying for everything, he decided to put everything under his name. Our house, cars, mom’s phone, and everything were under my dad’s name since he was paying for everything.

In their relationship, I have seen my dad do many shady things and don’t respect my mom. He always tells my other siblings and me how my mom doesn’t contribute anything to the relationship. He was not wrong to think like that, as I know where he came from. Also, as my dad was paying for everything, my mom only owned the clothes on her back. In a sense, when a man pays for each and everything, he holds you.

3 reasons it’s not okay to let men pay for everything

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t encourage or allow men to pay for everything in a relationship:

  1. It is not fair

A relationship should be fair and equal. The same goes for the financial divide between the partners. This equal division doesn’t only apply to pay for the stuff but to chores, income, picking vocations, and many other aspects of the relationship.

I don’t mean one partner can’t earn more or contribute more towards expenses. I only mean that it should be one responsibility to pay for everything. If you have two cars but one garage, then one has to park outside the street. As long as you have an open discussion and agree on who will park outside or take turns, then that’s cool.

  1. It creates a tilted situation between the partners.

In relationships, there is a power dynamic that becomes apparent with time. When the two people get married, they have a clear line of weaknesses and strengths. Every person has their strength and weakness that they bring to the relationships. In an ideal relationship, one person’s power covers up the liability of their partner. And these are everlasting and healthy relationships based on the principle of equality.

Every partner brings many things to the relationship and makes many contributions. But when men started to pay for everything in a relationship, an unequal dynamic was created. Even if it isn’t apparent initially, both partners will begin to dislike these things with time. These are the subconscious reactions that sometimes we aren’t aware of.

Men can dislike the fact that he is paying for everything. While at the same time, women can resent how she is dominated by money. These resentments can destroy the relationship with time. It’s like how the termites eat your house; you may not see them, but one day the house will collapse.

  1. Reinforces the pre-historic thinking

In the old time, it was considered that the men owned the women, and it can never work these days. In the past, there was a sense that a man had to work hard, earn good money, buy a nice car and house, and take women to a nice restaurant, and in return, the women always owed him something.

In a sense, a man has to pay for her women’s attention and attractiveness. He has to compete with many other men to win the beautiful women, due to which the more money he spends, the better chances he will have. But these dynamics have long been diminished. These days both men and women are working, and they probably have more money with them than in the past. So they both should pay for the things.

Some of the old-fashioned ideas have just changed due to human nature. At the same time, some men try to show off their money to attract women. Women have fought for their political and social independence and liberation, and letting a man pay for their every little thing is against their efforts and choices.

When a man is paying for everything a woman needs or uses, she somehow communicates that she depends on those men. That’s not a good message to hear from any of the partners. Both men and women need to realize that they are a vital part of the relationship and that they need to contribute equally towards the relationship.

Can you pay for everything?

Again it will depend on your satisfaction and willingness to do this. Like him, it will depend upon you that spending for his needs wouldn’t be an issue. You will not have trouble paying for his vacation, date holidays, bills, and rent to enjoy life. Whoever is settling it will make you both happy.

Suppose your answer is no, then think about the main reason behind it. He may also not be happy paying for your expenses but has yet to have another option. So instead you should spend or not should depend entirely on your attitude and satisfaction with the relationship. Here are some facts about the men who pay for their women.

Social values

Such issue result due to the conventional expectation of manhood in a relationship. He may be paying for your bills because his father does it. His father has to cover all of her mother’s expenses. So he thinks he is responsible for paying for you and not a financial burden. So if you want to pay for him too, it will be for him.

Gender expectations, according to his perspective

With time gender expectations are shifting, and males must understand that women are willing to pay their share of the bill. It’s also important to let him know that you don’t want to hurt his feelings but want to pay for your bill or maybe for both occasions.

In a relationship, you must find the balance; you can pay half the total bill.

It’s been a trend to let men pay

Historically, it was in the culture to let men pay for all your expenses. In the initial dates, men were supposed to pay for everything. In short, women counted on men to take care of them.

In a recent poll, some people agreed that men should pay for their women, but most others agreed that both partners should equally divide the bill.

Most people these days are constantly expecting males to pay. You don’t need an agreement; whoever is inviting the other on the date should pay the bill.

Paying for the date isn’t altruistic.

Paying the bills for the date can sometimes be altruistic. If the man is paying for everything with his card, he may get bank incentives. Or his credit history will improve. While if you aren’t paying, you may miss the advantages you can get from the cards. So in many situations, there is always a bright side.


It’s gentlemanly, traditional, and generous of a man if he is willing to pay for his date. Even for the second date as well. However, if you want your partner to pay the bill or at least split the check, look at her tone when the check comes. Please take the opportunity when she reaches for her purse, even for the show.

When a guy tries to pay for everything on the initial dates, he limits the chances of his rejection. If a man likes you so much that he doesn’t want to waste any opportunity, he will try to pay the entire check.

A 2015 study published in the SAGE Journal on the finances of dating claims that 83% of women and 74% of men reports that both partners contribute towards the dating and other expenses after dating for around 6 months. However, the majority of people say that men pay more for expenses.

You must have heard of the pink tax, but consumer spending costs way less than being a woman. Women have to go through many things like low opportunities, the price of motherhood, and many other aspects; being a woman is way higher than being a guy.

Yes, as long as you enjoy each other’s company and support each other financially, emotionally, and mentally, a relationship can last forever.

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