Is Dua Lipa Dating Jack Harlow After Ending Things With Trevor Noah?

Jack Harlow reportedly rapped that he was “trying to do more with her than make a feature,” Which indicates that he is staying true to his promise. Everyone is speculating about the relationship between Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow after they were seen out to lunch together. Interestingly, He has a song named after her, which was featured in an album titled Come Home to the Kids Miss you that was released back in May 2022. At the time, the rapper admitted he had FaceTimed Dua Lipa to seek “her blessing.” She hadn’t openly reacted to the song, but he had discreetly reached out to her, he stated on The Breakfast Club podcast. He explained, “I performed it for her because I didn’t want her to be caught off guard or feel freaked out in any way.”

It wouldn’t have released the song if she had said, “I hate it; I do not want the song to come out.” The interviewer’s next question was whether he “liked” her. With a childish smile, Harlow answered, “I like her. She’ll likely become even more appreciative of the song once it is out, in my opinion. According to reports cited by Page Six, Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow are seeing each other and have been in “regular contact” since November 2022. He “was highly interested in her and was trying desperately to be in a relationship with her,” one person said. The insider claimed that he even took a flight to New York after she showed up at the Z100 Jingle Ball on December 9 at Madison Square Garden. The next day, a bystander claimed to have seen Harlow and Lipa entering a restaurant separately.

They snuck into a private entrance, then left individually, obviously trying to avoid being spotted. Harlow is willing to do his best since He has always been an admirer of her, according to another person close to Him. Meanwhile, an unknown individual reported to Us Weekly that “they love each other and are both ready for the things to come in the future. The tipster also added that” The FaceTime regarding his song “Dua Lipa,” was an unpleasant call for everyone.” According to a second insider who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “Jack and Dua are chilling around and observing how things develop. As a fan, he grew to enjoy her even more after meeting and getting to know her. She’s pretty much his type, and he believes she’s exceptionally smart, they continued. Jack has been after Dua and is deeply attracted to her. The pair seem to have a good connection between them. For Lipa, the need for privacy is undoubtedly nothing new.

In a February 2021 interview with British Vogue, Lipa discussed her previous relations. “I’m trying to figure out the correct balance between being so happy and in love and I want to share it with all of the individuals near me, while at the same time I don’t want to push too much out there,” she added. I would prefer to be capable of enjoying this connection without worrying about what other people think. At the Variety Hitmakers event in L.A. on December 3, 2022, when she and Elton John were recognized as Hitmakers of the Year, Dua Lipa and Jack Harlow had their first in-person encounter. Atlantic Records, the music company owned by Harlow, was named Label of the Year. Photographs of Harlow and Lipa show them to be cordial and touching one another.

The news of their relationship was first reported a few months after the pop star Dua Lipa was spotted making out with Trevor Noah, a previous host of The Daily Show. Lipa and Noah were sighted on September 28, 2022, at Miss Lily’s in New York City’s East Village. They were privately seated away from the other diners at the establishment, and an onlooker informed the Daily Mail, which was given access to photographs of the two sharing a meal and hugging. They sat closely together during the meal, making it obvious they were passionate about one another. Together, they went on their way while pausing for brief cuddles and, after another kiss and more hugs.

Trevor Noah showed up to Dua Lipa’s talk show, At Your Service, and stated: “Being successful in the show business is perhaps one of the best gifts and a curse. You get the chance to meet some of the most interesting individuals on the globe. But, when you become too successful, you never get a chance to see them again. So it’s wonderful to see you this way for a change. But a source Page Six cited claimed, “They haven’t spoken since.”

On October 7, 2022, Lipa’s podcast session with Charli XCX was broadcast. They talked about how her previous relationships had impacted her and how she loved being single. This year marks the first time in a long time that she has been without a partner, she claimed. “I’ve rarely had the chance to be by myself, think entirely of myself, and be a little selfish, so it’s been really fantastic. However, sometimes you meet someone who truly relaxes and comforts you. I believe that the Leo element has a significant impact.

Lipa discussed with Elle UK in 2018 why she’s always been such a romantic. “I have such a strong faith in love. I blame my family for it since they get along so well, and I believe they raised my expectations, she stated. Life is too brief not to express your feelings for someone. Even though I constantly urge myself never to jump into things or be cautious of saying “I love you” too quickly before being certain if the connection has any real merit, I believe it’s crucial to trust your instincts.

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