How To Make A Woman Want You? – 12 Easy Steps

Are you searching for tips on how to make a woman want you? Well, It can be both easy and difficult to understand. It can become easy when you know how to play your cards and put effort into the right things.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to impress her, and it takes many steps to make a woman want you to take many steps. But when you know you have fallen for the right person, you want her to like you back. But when it takes more than the usual time, you can start getting frustrated. Don’t worry! I have some best tips on how to make a woman want you.

Here Are 12 Easy Steps To Make A Girl Want You

Easy Steps To Make A Girl Want You

Let’s dig into practical approaches to make a girl want you more:

  1. Self-confidence

You must develop a strong sense of self-worth and self-confidence to achieve anything. When you have confidence in yourself, you will be already ahead of the other guys. It’s natural for a woman to feel attracted to someone who isn’t afraid to lead the way.

At the same time, some guys don’t dare to show their confident selves in front of women. If that’s the case with you, the best way is to fake it until you make it. If you want the woman to feel attracted to you, show that you know what you want.

  1. Make eye contact

Another famous trick to attract a woman toward you is by making intense eye contact. When you are with her but hesitate to make eye contact can be a turn-off point. It will make her think you prefer to be elsewhere than there.

Make sure to put effort o your looks before going on a date so she could be proud to go on a date with you. Showering and putting effort into looks will make you more confident and a step closer to your dating life.

You can practice talking to boost your confidence. Practice will not make you perfect, but it will make you better than before. It will also make you even more confident on your next date.

  1. Improve your physical health

You can attract another person attracted when you are feeling good about yourself. So if sitting on a computer for a long time has resulted in a pot belly, it’s time for you to hit the gym. Work out to make it normal. When you feel healthy inside, you will also feel attractive from the outside.

So make your physical health a priority.

  1. An interesting hobby

Show her that you have your own life by enjoying an exciting passion or hobby. Having just one hobby you are passionate about will make you look attractive. Your hobby can be anything you want, but make sure it’s not faked and you are passionate about it.

There will be no sparkle if you say you are passionate about chainsaw art but are not interested in it. The main trick with passion is to start doing what you like, which will soon become your passion. The more you do this, the better you get.

The girl will automatically notice when you are naturally passionate about a passion. There is something attractive about a guy who has a passion for something. It could be drawing, programming, reading, cooking, or playing a specific instrument.

  1. Be presentable

Whenever you go on a date, put the time into enhancing your look. Trim your beard and wear classy clothes. It will represent your seriousness towards the relationship and show her that you want to be with her.  Like men, women also like when their girlfriends or people around them find their partner attractive.

  1. Improve your verbal skills

Improve your verbal skills

In the game of attraction, we mostly ignore speaking ability. It is vital as women drool over men with good verbal skills. If you want to attract a woman, you have to master your speaking skills. No matter how your voice sounds, you have a point if you avoid the monotone and adjust its pace and intensity.

  1. Flirt

Flirting is romantic, but only if it’s kept in moderation. Flirting is a good sign for building your self-esteem or putting you in the green when socializing. Make sure you are not being fake during flirtation. Fake flirting is irritating and will take you nowhere.

The only purpose of flirting should be to lighten the air and make her laugh. When the environment gets better, you can get her closer.

  1. Be within her view

The more we meet someone, the more familiar we get; this similarity often gets converted into liking. So if you see a girl regularly, you two will have a certain comfort level. Gradually this familiarity converts into liking for each other.

Make sure to see her often and make her feel comfortable with you.

  1. Similarities

When we feel interested in a person, we often stalk them online. Now put some effort and use your research skills to find out what she likes the most. Let her know that you share a common interest; we all want to be with someone with a similar tastes.

For example, if you both like watching anime, you will have a solid topic to discuss and feel closer to each other. Avoid faking a similar interest, as it will be easy for her to find out.

  1. Drop hints you like her

Not everyone can read minds, so you must give her hints that you want her. It’s always better to do this sooner. You will get fixed in the friend zone when you delay telling her. And it’s challenging to get out of that zone.

Drop hints through your body language and a little flirty behavior that you want to be in a relationship with her. Ask her out on dates often to make her feel special. Be thoughtful of her, and give her company when she needs you without asking any questions.

  1. Behave your manners

There is an unknown attractiveness towards a guy who treats ladies with respect. You should open the car door for her, give her your jacket in chilly weather, carry her shopping bags, and make her walk away from the traffic. These little things show manners and can attract any woman.

Treating a lady with respect can make her think about you 24/7. It works.

  1. Have a strong texting game

Sometimes the absence can make the person fonder of you, and texting is enough to enhance the pressure. Sending a message like can’t wait to see you with a cheeky emoji is enough to create sexual tension with the women of interest.

Texting makes you experience your honest reactions like blushing or squealing. But for that, you need to have a substantial text game. If you haven’t tried this before, then start by complimenting the other person. End the conversation with a text; “I am excited to meet you in person.”

These are the few things that go a long way in the relationship.


How do you make a girl want you more?

Here are a few things that will make the girl more attracted to you:

  • Show your attractive and confident side to your crush, make intense eye contact, behave politely, and smile more around her.
  • Build a good bond with her.
  • Start flirting by telling her you to want to start a relationship with her.

How to make a woman want you?

Here are some of the most effective ways to attract a woman:

  • Be polite to her.
  • Show love in every little thing.
  • Dress well to impress her.
  • Make her laugh often.
  • Make her feel special.
  • Be confident while talking.
  • Improve your verbal skills.
  • Listen to her.

How do I know if the girl likes me?

Here are the signs that a girl likes you:

  • Having small glances toward you.
  • Smiling at you.
  • Looking away when you look at her.
  • Licking her lips.
  • Tilting her head.
  • Running her fingers through hairs.
  • Exposing her neck.

What makes a girl fall for a guy?

Every woman desires an honest, family-oriented, trustworthy, and respectful man. They want someone who can make them feel special and treat them with love, respect, and care without drama. So if you will attract your crush, show her your best personality. Relationship requires consistent efforts from both sides.

What does a woman do if she loves someone?

Here are a few standard things that women do after falling in love:

  • She will get jealous quickly.
  • Flirt with you.
  • She listens to you.
  • She cares about you.
  • Prioritize you over others.
  • Do things to impress you.
  • She will motivate you for your plans.


How to make a woman want you? It’s not easy to make a girl fall in love with you badly. But the above tips will help you go through this wild yet exciting relationship stage. You need to create your plan of action to make a woman want you.

R Sehar

R Sehar

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