How to make him forget the other women?

When we get married, we always wish for a happily ever after. We want to be deeply in love with each other forever and promise to stay loyal to each other no matter what happens. But unfortunately, there is no happy ending for some couples as they end up breaking up their relationships and even marriages due to the negligence of each other.

It’s excruciating for a wife to accept that there is another person in her husband’s life. It’s no doubt a severe condition that can take a toll on your mental health. You start wondering how to make him forget the other women.

It’s not easy to understand how to make him forget the other women as you start thinking of revenge plans, confronting the other women in a way to make her regret and even more ways to make her suffer. It’s entitled to such feelings, and I won’t disregard that. To have a better life, there are many ways to make that woman go away and keep your dignity intact. Here are a few practical ways to get your husband back and bring your marriage on track.

Get your husband back and fix your marriage with these tips.

  1. You have valid and real feelings

Looking at your initial blaming, you can think that your feelings and thoughts are unreal. Besides, some people manipulate the situation to make you feel this way, and it’s called physiological invalidation. It usually happens when someone rejects your thoughts and feelings as unacceptable, wrong, and unimportant.

It’s a form of abuse that can fill that person with self-doubt. Remember that you have every right to feel your thoughts and emotions, as they are all valid. Your boyfriend cheated on you, so don’t let him hurt you more when you demand an explanation of the situation.

  1. Don’t obsess with that woman

While trying to figure out how to make him come towards you and leave the other woman, you make the other woman your obsession; you see her as an enemy standing between your happiness. But let your boyfriend notice that unintentional jealousy.

You must want to talk trash in front of him but believe me, and it will only make her more prominent than she is. It’s a way to ignore her unnecessary existence in your life completely. The first big mistake that women can make in such situations is nagging their guy over the other second woman. By doing that, you constantly remind him of her when she is not even there.

It makes him think of her when she is not present there. It can induce a counterproductive effect. You want him to forget her, right? How will you do that when you are the one who is constantly reminding him about her?

Instead of making him forget, you are helping her to be the permanent third wheel in your relationship. In addition, your obsession with other women will give the impression of your insecure nature about the relationship. Your jealousy will make him think he is the big fish and will only boost his so-called ego.

  1. Laugh at his jokes

Many surveys clearly state that guys love women who laugh at their jokes. Another exciting research clearly states that women look for a funny guy with a good sense of humor. At the same time, the boys are automatically attracted to the women who are attracted to their ladies.

It means boosting their ego will make them more attracted to her. Instead of doing that, laugh with him about your situation, as it will make the attraction stronger. Just have fun in your life that will create positive vibes in your relationship. The main thing is having some positive energy and a fun time in a relationship.

It’s good to know that someone’s laughter is co-constructed. It’s not like people are giving canned jokes and the other person is the audience. It’s going back and forth to have fun with someone. When people are laughing together, they are co-constructing their relationship stronger.

He will not go to any other girl if he is having a good time with you than her. Love, humor, and playfulness in a light heart environment can go a long way in creating a stable environment.

  1. Ask him questions

According to the studies asking questions can increase the likability of the relationship. We all like to talk about our life and nature, and when someone asks questions about us, it gives us the idea that he is interested in us.

It’s great to show him that you value his opinions, ideas, and thoughts. At the same time, you will know what makes him tick. Tell him that you are not me, me, or my kind of girl. You like listening and engaging with him.

Everyone demands attention, and asking him questions is a great way to give him some without becoming too keen. Asking him questions will show mutual attraction and attentiveness in the relationship. And it’s another excellent way to increase their attention towards you.

  1. Present your most attractive self

Present your most attractive self

We can’t deny the importance of physical attraction in a relationship. Having good looks is a plus point. Show your most attractive side in front of him. Please make an effort to groom yourself and look good around him. Yes, we dress to impress our partner, but the most important is to boost our relationship.

The sexier you feel, the sexier you look. I have personally dated a guy who prefers my no-makeup look, while the other one loves me to have a glamorous look. It explains that there is no single definition for a universally sexy look.

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself. You are being attractive runs deeper into aesthetics, while being confident is about your comfort. So be optimistic around him. You may be wearing some lippy or your cool pair of sneakers. It’s not like what you are wearing but what is giving you confidence, and it can be heels or a fabulous pair of sneakers.

  1. Show your compatibility

Choosing a life partner is all about compatibility. A man prefers a woman who is emotional, social, and sexual. Emotional connection is the significant differentiating factor between friends and a romantic partner. Develop a solid emotional connection with him, and don’t be shy to share how you feel about him. There are maximum chances that you will understand how to make him chase you.

Social compatibility is another major factor. Social compatibility means you properly fit into his social life. You are okay joining him at his friend’s gatherings or family dinners. In a relationship, physical and sexual compatibility also matters. Passing the touch barrier, your affection and intimacy in a relationship will decide whether he wants to be with you.

Keep these things in mind and if you think he is compatible with you, show him by hanging out with him and having a memorable and fun time together. Don’t fake anything, as you can make him lose interest in you. Keep things simple and natural between you.

  1. Be available

Not being too available means creating a challenge to make him realize you are not an easy catch. But remember that it’s not playing games or showing him that you are not interested in him. That’s never going to work.

Reciprocity is at the top of the list to attract someone. If you make the guy think you aren’t interested, then he will give up on you. You have to maintain yourself in between the position of looking extremely desperate and trying to get. Having dignity is that sweet spot. It can be tricky to play cool, especially when your emotions are strong inside you.

The best strategy to adopt in such situations is to be busy and enjoy the whole life. It is attractive to see a career-focused woman who wants every moment. Rather than pretending to have a busy life, make yourself busy but plan another date to show him that you are interested in him.

  1. Ask for his help

Everyone wants to feel respected and needed. Tell them how you think of them, and you will be drawn more toward them. A straightforward way is to ask him for help. It can be done by getting his guidance and advice on specific issues or fixing broken things around the house.

These things will also work in your favor to spend more quality time with him. It will make you two close to each other and increase your proximity and familiarity. Asking for his help on anything will make him have the hero instinct.

When a man feels useful, needed, and respected, he will strongly interact with you. The main thing is understanding the situations that trigger his hero instinct.

  1. Get flirty

Getting a little flirt can help in building chemistry and attraction. Without being flirty, you will be more in a friendship instead of developing a romantic relationship. Being a little flirty is playfully teasing him to show your attraction towards him. Flirty is not a science but an art of finding the things that work and suit your personality.

It seems natural, but here are some basics to remember:

  • Smile cheerfully
  • Hold your eye contact
  • While speaking to him, lean toward him
  • Offer sincere compliments
  • Try mirroring his body language, as many couples subconsciously do that
  • Have an open body language
  • Gently touch him when you get a chance
  1. Keep it positive

Who doesn’t want to have a tension and drama-free connection? That’s why every person wants a life partner who believes in living stress-free lives. We all love spending time with cheerful people who light every moment and have a positive attitude toward life. Compare that moment with the time you spend with demanding and draining people. It’s obvious who you would prefer.

Keeping positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative people or your emotions. Always pretend to be cheerful and happy. It’s just extracting something good from certain situations. Don’t negatively engage your life in competition, and to make progress in your life, strip others down.

Harming others for your benefit will not give you success. No one wants to get dragged with others, so maintain a positive attitude toward life.


If your relationship has reached a point where you are thinking about how to make him forget the other women, then your love life is a real mess. In a successful relationship, you don’t have to fight for your man’s attention and have unnecessary competition with some random women.

All you want to know is how to make him forget the other women and break up with her so you can be the only queen of his life. However, he has a problem that results in this messy situation. Competing with another girl for your man is not something anybody to do, but we are nobody to judge. All the tips mentioned above will rescue you, and you will no longer look for another girl.


  • How to make him forget the other women?

Here are some tips that will guide you to make him forget about the other women:

  1. Don’t compare yourself.
  2. Acknowledge he is having an affair.
  3. Don’t blame yourself.
  4. Save your relationship.
  5. Have open and honest communication with another woman.
  6. Gather some proofs.
  7. Be more flexible with him.
  • How to make him choose you over the other women?

Here are a few tips that will help you to choose over the other women:

  1. Don’t be too available for him.
  2. Make him attracted to you.
  3. Be engaging but be slightly less interested than him.
  4. Make more extended eye contact with him.
  5. If he isn’t able to make up his mind upfront him.
  6. Make him lose interest in the other women.
  • How to stop someone from cheating on you?

According to recent research, a few factors prevent him from cheating on you. It includes social stigma, the partner’s reaction, and guilt. Instead of thinking about revenge plans, groom yourself and work on your career. It will give you mental satisfaction that will avoid all the negative thoughts and make him more attracted to him.

  • Can cheaters ever stop?

According to their search, a cheater will not cheat again when he works on his personality and find the main reason behind his behavior. Once he recognizes his action and develops the sense of taking responsibility for his actions, he will not cheat again.

  • How do you know if he loves the other women?

Here are some common signs that will show your man is interested in other women:

  • He is being distant.
  • His friends will act weird to you.
  • He will constantly start blaming you.
  • He will start paying more attention to his dressing while going out.
  • When he is with you, his mind will be somewhere else.
  • He will start making plans without you.
  • Pointing toward your every mistake.

  • What to do if your man loves the other women?

Here are some things to do if your man loves other women:

  • Accept your current situation.
  • Let your emotions out.
  • Don’t start stalking the other women.
  • Don’t think about her.
  • Remind yourself that you are perfect.
  • Talk to the family and friends.
  • Give yourself some time.
  • Work on your hobbies.

  • How do affairs usually end?

Most affairs usually end one of two ways:

  • A stronger current relationship.
  • Divorce.

It depends on how you want your relationship to end, how you react to the situation, and how hard you want to keep the relationship intact. Try to overcome the grief and if you think it’s just a mistake, make him realize or otherwise voluntarily walk out.


R Sehar

R Sehar

I am a licensed therapist and life coach who specializes in relationships. I help strong, empowered women develop healthy, fulfilling relationships with themselves and those around them. My clients often struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression & addiction. I work with them to create a healthier mindset and lifestyle that supports their worthiness for love.

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