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Michelle Yeoh Gets An Oscar Nomination For Her Performance In the Unorthodox Sci-fi Movie

Michelle Yeoh Gets An Oscar Nomination For Her Performance In the Unorthodox Sci-fi Movie

Michelle Yeoh received the information that had her “exploding with excitement” on a Zoom conference with the “Everything Everywhere All at Once” team on Tuesday, which also included her co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Ke Huy Quan, and James Hong as well as the filmmakers’ Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan. For her portrayal as the obnoxious laundry owner in the science fiction adventure through time, space, and lived emotion, she was nominated for best actress. She stated over the cellphone soon after the nomination was revealed, “We’ve been shouting at the top of our lungs, we want to grab each other’s hands, even though they’re in America and I’m now in Paris.

Yeoh told Deadline in an interview after the news broke: “I guess what I, “What it means to myself, is that all the Asians out there saying, “You see, it’s possible. I’m confident that I can succeed if she does, too. The most crucial factor is that. I’m very ordinary. Just my hard work. There are a lot of talented actors and actresses who are aware that they have a place at the table. All they need to do is detect an opening and head there.

Yeoh expressed her gratitude for being present during the support call on Zoom, she claimed, experiencing the gravity of the situation. “I was so afraid as I sat there contemplating what if I wasn’t nominated? What happens to all the people who have placed their hopes and dreams in you, relying on you to assure them that we should be there? You don’t always do stuff for yourself.

You tell stories because it’s crucial for them to be told, and that is why you tell them. And it needs to be heard all around the world. It only reaffirms that we earned to have a place at the table and to partake in this, so I can comprehend the desire for our Asian Americans to turn around and say, “We need this.”

Stephanie Hsu, who is currently filming The Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in Sydney, was arriving at the airport at the same time as Yeoh. The flight’s wi-fi connection failed at 5:25 AM Pacific Time as the nominees were being revealed. Hsu begged the stewardess to restart the aircraft’s system because she was anxious.

Hsu laughed and said, “She probably assumed I was a tech-obsessed millennial who couldn’t be without her smartphone. Hsu reacted to the news and concentrated on Yeoh’s historic nomination, saying, “Everything that has ever been against me has been ten times more against her. And it feels like certain patterns are broken to be able to go through this together, you know? Some cycles are breaking, and I feel incredibly proud to be with her, with the majority of the main cast of our film, and with our team. We should evaluate success and creativity in different ways, but for those who have gone unnoticed, it’s noteworthy because Michelle is the first in 95 years. That is a huge deal.”

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