Find Out What Miley Cyrus’s Sister Brandi Had To Say About The “FLOWERS” Fan Theories

The ten-year romance between Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has been and will continue to be a significant pop culture phenomenon. While shooting The Last Song in 2009, the two initially crossed paths and fell in love. They began a passionate, on-and-off relationship in the years that followed. This relationship continued through their 20s and resulted in two engagements, one wedding, and eventually one divorce. Three years after their breakup, Cyrus has now ushered in a new period of freedom, which has thus far resulted in the release of her most recent song, “Flowers.” The inspiring song has been at the top of the charts throughout the world for two weeks, and fan suspicions about Hemsworth-related Easter eggs keep popping up.

Brandi initially resorted to such subtle metaphors while responding to popular theories and speculations. It was his birthday when the song was released; was that on purpose? I’m not sure; therefore, I can’t say, “Brandi said. She didn’t explicitly verify or reject anything. The mixture of earth and water may be incredibly sufficient and a fertile environment for transformation to take place and lessons to be learnt if you think of love as, dare I say, FLOWERS. Brandi continued by praising the dedication of Miley’s fans in their pursuit of the truth. “All the Tea, a new song from Miley, With all the TikTok stories that followers create. “I admire Miley fans; they play hard in the paint,” Brandi added.

“The stories that the TikTok fans are coming up with are hilarious.” Did it happen by accident that the record was released on his birthday? I’m not sure. Beyond the moment’s anguish, the two had a profound affection for one another and grew up together until eventually drifting away. It’s just too good and makes Miley appear to be a total genius. Every morning, a new one wakes me up. Clever, nonetheless. “The narratives are,” DJ, and podcast presenter, who appeared to be enjoying all the different theories, the actress stated. Do a high school principal and a pirate make a happy couple? No, they don’t, and what at first seems to be a source of curiosity between these two quickly turns into annoyance.” It’s way too good.

The first one involves this song by Bruno Mars. The sun and moon in Cyrus’s chart indicate an extreme personality and a propensity to commit fully and wholeheartedly to a risky or romantic endeavor, such as marriage. Since it causes people to talk about the music on TikTok and spreads like wildfire, it’s the perfect Publicity that could possibly happen. And it’s simply so entertaining to see it all unfold. That’s a funny one. Miley Cyrus fans are brilliant. In response, Cyrus gritted her teeth, pushed him away, and then started to stun and pose, a technique that she appears to be doing even today.

However, Brandi was unable to respond to the main question: Is “Flowers” about Liam? Her loyalty implies being quiet about any additional information regarding the new track and refusing to confirm or deny anything. And because she is wearing a suit, this is a f*ck you. I’m going to let this play out,” Brandi remarked. Only Miley is aware of the reality. The second one read, “The house is where Liam used to take individuals to cheat on her with.” Not the best recipe for harmony.   Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’s wedding was a big mistake.

According to a few of the most popular theories, Bruno Mars’ song “When I Was Your Man,” which had meaning for the couple, inspired the lyrics of “Flowers” (As suggested by Glamour, Miley fans claim that Hemsworth once dedicated this track to Miley). The song became a hot topic on TikTok and spread everywhere, resulting in the most effective PR that could possibly happen.

Seventeen-year-old Cyrus and nineteen-year-old Hemsworth first became coworkers On the set of the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s romantic novel The Last Song, where they both play romantic characters named Ronnie Miller and Will Blakelee, respectively. While performing, the two found love; their relationship was off-camera. They are captured kissing at an airport shortly after the movie ends. At the time, Cyrus told Parade, “Liam seems to have become my closest friend in the entire universe.” I love him. Since he is from Australia, he doesn’t even know me as the star I am here, so he likes me for who I am. I had the opportunity to introduce myself to him on my own terms.

Later, Hemsworth discusses his on-set romance with Cyrus and the connection they shared while filming. In an interview with Details magazine from February 2012, he states, “She makes me incredibly happy. “You want to be professional when you first start, but when you’re doing certain scenes with a person and pretend to love them, you’re hardly human if you don’t sense something,” said the actor. A representative for Hemsworth reveals to People that the couple has separated one year into their initial love relationship. The two supposedly reconcile less than a month later, though. The two are seen in Los Angeles on September 11, eating lunch and going shopping together. At the time, an eyewitness tells People, “Miley and Liam never stopped laughing and appeared to be having a great time. They continued talking and appeared to be catching up while acting as though they had missed one another. They clearly looked like a couple once again.”

The insider goes on, “On Saturday, with Liam returning into her life, she behaved entirely differently and appeared to be very happy. Liam and Miley seemed to have never been split, and they had returned to their usual routine.” The breakdown comes after weeks of breakup speculation, which Cyrus has always refuted. She also assures her fans by saying, “I’m extremely happy” with Liam, “I’m not really a big lovable type. I’m not romantic or anything. The first person to make me want for a committed relationship was Liam.”

Hemsworth confirmed the rumors of the couple’s breakup on Instagram after many news outlets reported the situation. “Hi all Just wanted to let you fans know that Miley and I recently split up, and wishing her nothing but the best in the future “He stated. This is a personal matter. According to reports, the couple’s divorce, which was finalized in January 2020, resulted from “major disagreements.”

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