Pete Davidson Removed All of His Kardashian Dedicated Tattoos?

Five months after their breakup, Pete Davidson appears to have taken out all of the tattoos which were devoted to Kim Kardashian. The SNL comedian was spotted by Page Six without any clothing on while visiting Hawaii over the week. He was also spotted on the beach with Chase Sui Wonders, who is said to be his lover. In the pictures, all of Davidson’s well-known Kardashian-themed tattooing on his chest seemed to be removed. Pete no longer has the tattoo “my girl is a lawyer” over his neck. While being featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in December, Kim made the very first reference to this tattoo.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the initial incident that started the allegations about the tattoo’s purported removal occurred in October, when Davidson was seen with a bandage around his neck. The “Jasmine and Aladdin” tattoo that Pete had on his collarbone was also missing while he was in Hawaii. The tattoo was a nod to the first time he saw Kardashian on Saturday Night Live in October 2022, when they appeared as Jasmine and Aladdin in a skit. During the act, the former couple even exchanged an on-screen kiss.

Beneath Davidson’s neck, there was a third tattoo that was missing: “KNSCP.” According to reports, the letters stood for North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, the names of the Kardashians’ children. The SNL actor also received the infamous “KIM” tattoo on the chest, which he no longer has, in addition to his three other inks. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in December, Kardashian claimed that Davidson had that marking because he wanted to get something “unique” despite having over 70 tattoos on his body.

As he was removing his arm and neck tattoos, she speculated that he was saying, “I want something that’s there because I can’t remove my tattoos you know.” Following his and Kardashian’s breakup in August, the King of Staten Island actor appears to have had his tattoos removed. It also happened at a time when Wonders, with whom he co-starred in Bodies Bodies Bodies, was said to be dating him. According to People, the couple was first seen cuddling and sharing a lips-to-lips kiss at Universal Studios last week.

Davidson has already disclosed that he is currently having his tattoos erased. In a July 2021 conversation with People TV, he stated that he planned to get the majority of his tattoos removed by the time he was in his 30s. At the moment, he stated, “I expect my next session in about a month.” “They said all the tattoos should be gone by the time I turn 30. They still have around two years left to do this.

Before dating Kardashian, He was briefly committed to Ariana Grande in 2018; as a result, Davidson has a number of tattoos (and cover-ups) to prove it. For instance, Davidson tattooed Ariana’s surname across his side in a bold script before concealing it using a black keyhole.

This enormous painting of a kneeling fireman lies on Davidson’s shoulders and is one of several tributes to his deceased father, Scott Davidson, a veteran of the FDNY who passed away on September 11, 2001.

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