Texts to get your Ex-boyfriend back

Texting is our primary source of communication these days. It allows us to communicate any time of the day, which is indeed a blessing, but some time can also be a curse. When you want to get your ex-boyfriend back, texting can help a lot.

You can send some particular texts to get your ex-boyfriend back. As long as you know what you are doing, you can use texts wisely to get him back. Of course, that is complex; you can’t just text so he can crawl back to you. Specific texts sent at the right time will make your ex get back to you.

But texting your ex comes with risks, like getting ignored or rejected. Always prepare yourself before texting your ex. If you can’t handle the things that don’t work out as you want, then make yourself work through them before texting.

What not to do while texting your ex?

Before talking about texts to get your ex-boyfriend back, let’s first talk about what not to do.

  • Don’t text him if you are feeling lonely. Text him after realizing it’s a good idea and you want him back in your life. Missing someone is never a good idea to get around; you need to make sure that he is the one for you. Text after making sure that the relationship will be different in a better way.
  • Texting your ex while drunk is never a good idea, and you will regret it later.
  • Don’t fight for his attention. He may text you, but the conversation will go differently than you want it to.
  • Don’t try to manipulate as the men are opposed to such situations emotionally. By emotionally manipulative, I mean sending texts like, I can’t stop crying, or I won’t be able to live without you.
  • Only text a million times in a row; if he isn’t replying, leave it alone. Don’t send follow-up messages like Hello????, You there, or please answer me.

15 texts to get your ex-boyfriend back

15 texts to get your ex-boyfriend back

Here are some fantastic texts to get your ex-boyfriend back:

  1. I need your help with something

Asking for advice is the easiest and most practical way to start a conversation. Use your knowledge about your ex to ask for expert advice. It will make them proud of themselves and result in a quick response. Here are some examples of such texts:

  • I need help to pass the Game Quest level 58. Any advice?
  • I just got a guitar. Any tips for a beginner?
  • My laptop is restarting every other minute. Do you know the issue?
  • I got a new puppy; when did your start teaching your dog that tricks?
  • I am currently choosing classes for next semester, was the website designing course you took worth it?

  1. It made me remind you

Make them realize how you remember the small details of your relationship. Tell them something you have recently experienced that reminds you of his goals, hobbies, or interests. Hopefully, you will get a reply that will keep the conversation going. Here is some example of telling them that you were thinking of them:

  • While re-watching the Harry Potter series, I am continuously thinking about you.
  • A stream of your favorite game reminded me of you.
  • This meme made me remind you.
  • Being standing at the baseball game can’t stop thinking about watching you.
  • I just heard our favorite song and I am continuously thinking of you.

  1. Do you still like that

Ask them about their hobby or interest to initiate a conversation. You can easily break the ice and show him that you still remember the minor details of his life. You can start the conversation by discussing their life goal or favorite band. Here are a few best examples to try:

  • Are you still into K-pop?
  • Is Taylor still your favorite singer?
  • Are you continuing your novel writing?
  • Do you still love eating blueberry cream on the bagels?

  1. I regret breaking things with you like that. If you are open, we can work together on some of those.

It is common to have unresolved feelings after a breakup. No matter if you were the one to break things or you were on the other side. Asking your partner to work out on these things, especially after a fresh breakup, can provide the necessary healing to the split. The mutual understanding of sorting things out also help in getting back together.

  1. Do you remember?

Remind them of some happing and loving memories of your relationship. Sharing the same memories can inflame nostalgia feeling, and it can make them miss you more. Select a memory that you are sure is a part of their best memories. Here are a few examples to give a try.

  • Do you remember the moments when we were stargazing?
  • Still, remember the song that we used to sing at karaoke?
  • Do you recall the last candlelight dinner in the park?
  • Remember catching the foul ball in the games last year?
  • Do you still remember how we used to swim in the lake last summer?

  1. What do you miss most about our relationship?

An open end question is always the best way to start the conversation. It works more when you have an easy and light breakup without having any hard feelings toward each other. To make them miss the bond with you, realize the value of the beautiful moments in your relationship. You can also ask them some additional questions like:

  • What do you think about me?
  • What was your best moment during our relationship?
  • What have you been doing since our breakup?
  • What could we have done to save our bond?

  1. Congrats, I am so glad to see your promotion status on LinkedIn. You deserve it would love to celebrate it with a drink if you are open.

A big moment in your ex’s career or an exciting occasion can be an opportunity for you to reconnect and share your feelings about your partner and ask them to work again on the relationship. If you both agree to meet, celebrate their moment and progress open-heartedlyopenly. When you don’t force things, situations will automatically move toward your side.

  1. The picture reminds me of all of our good times.

Texting your ex a beautiful photo of you two together is the easiest way to make him miss these moments. Select a picture he loves in which you two look gorgeous together to remind him that you were made for each other. Send the images like:

  • Pic of you two cuddling
  • Pic of you both at the lake and beach
  • Pic of you two dancing at the wedding
  • Hiking pictures
  • Picture of you sincerely smiling and in all love together.

  1. I am very regretful of the things I did. Can I ever make it up?

If you made a mistake in the relationship, send an apology text. You can start with how much you regret hurting them and now realize the importance after losing them. Tell them you are sorry to mess all this up and promise a better future approach. Here are some ways to make an apology.

  • I know I was wrong in our relationship, and I regret it. I am working on myself and want to make things right.
  • I regret hurting you, and I promise I am changing myself. Can you give me another chance?
  • Recently I have been thinking a lot about how much I hurt your feelings. I regret what I did to you and want to make things right if I get a chance.

  1. You have been on my mind a lot. How are you doing?

Vulnerability goes a long way, and there is no shame in accepting that you have been thinking about them after the breakup. It can result in lighting the spark in your relationship. You never know that there is a chance, and he is also thinking about the relationship.

  1. My family was asking about you today.

If you feel pressure telling them that you miss them a lot, then say something like my family was asking about you. Sometimes it can be scary to tell someone that you miss them. It’s OK to feel that way. Just say your friends or family were asking about him.

  • Suzi told me that you have finally made the team. Congrats!
  • My friends saw you at the movie last night.
  • Today my mom told my friends the story of when you rescued our kitten from the tree.

  1. I miss you

Once they respond to your text, be vulnerable and tell them how you feel about them. It can be scary, but telling them what’s in your heart will help you get them back. Hopefully, they will feel the same way. Here are a few ways to admit your feelings.

  • I still love you.
  • I have been missing you for the past few weeks.
  • I am so pleased to talk with you again, as I have been sad after the breakup. I missed you a lot.
  • I can’t stop recalling our beautiful memories, and I hope you, too, are willing to give our relationship another chance.

  1. Want to hang out?

When you think you are ready, ask them out on a date. You must be eager to get them but remember getting back takes time. Give it some time, and reconnect on the dates. Here are a few ways to directly ask them out.

  • I miss laughing together. We can grab a coffee tomorrow afternoon to catch up.
  • Do you want to grab dinner at the Bonita café this weekend? I am craving Mexican food.
  • Want to have a mini-golf rematch. If you are up, let’s go for a round this Friday.
  • I have an extra game ticket. Are you interested in going together?

  1. Do you want to join us for a group hangout?

Inviting them on a group hangout can be the first step towards getting back. You want to get them back, but you may need more time to be ready to ask them for a date. A group hangout can give you an idea of his thoughts about the relationship. You can try something like:

  • Is our group going bowling want to join us?
  • Ling is starting a sci-fi book club, and I thought you would be interested in it. Would you like to go out with us to pick up the first book?
  • We are having a game night at Jane’s place. Would you join us?
  • We are meeting at the coffee house at 4:00 p.m. for the English class group. You can join us if you want to.

  1. You won’t believe what I am doing right now.

This text will grab your ex’s interest without saying you miss them. If they timely respond, tell them something you used together and share many memories about it. Hopefully, this will start a going conversation. Here are some texts examples after he replies, “what?”

  • I am enjoying the water slides where you used to work.
  • I am trying my best to beat your arcade top score.
  • I am finally giving a try to the coffee you recommend.
  • I am at the same escape room that you always wanted to try.


Suppose you are unsure whether you want to reach out to your ex after breaking up; pause. It’s always tempting to get back together but only do it if you are 100% sure of it. Before calling or sending texts to get your ex-boyfriend back, sit for at least 24 hours and think if you are making the right decision.

Regardless of the texts you send your ex to get back, the most vital thing is, to be honest with the relationship, your true feelings, and your emotions.


  • How can I get my ex-boyfriend back?

Here are a few tips to get your ex-boyfriend back:

  • Know the main reason for your separation
  • Know what type of man he is
  • Figure out if you genuinely want him back in your life
  • Make little changes in your approach according to his personality
  • Avoid negativity
  • Don’t make a hassle move

  • How to make your ex-boyfriend fall in love again?

Win ex hearts by reaching out, reminding him of your happy moments, spending quality time, and acting casual yet confident with him. Finally, tell him about your emotions and how you miss him. Admit your mistakes in the relationship and tell him that you want to work out the mistakes to make a perfect relationship.

  • How to attract my ex back but without texting?

Share some photos of having a great time with your friends without being too obvious. Share updated pictures of you and a few boys at the beach or having a group lunch. It will make your ex realize how great you two look together while spending quality time, and he can’t do it anymore.


R Sehar

R Sehar

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