Is Tom Cruise Concerned About His Deep Fake Videos Going Viral On TikTok?

Since Tom Cruise’s deep fakes on TikTok became viral, the pace of technological change has generated a lot of debate. The videos created using Cruise’s image are all made in good humor and feature amazing impressions of the actor, but some have questioned the benefits and dangers of such technology. Of course, one has to ask what the A-lister feels about the videos personally. The maker of the viral footage is now expressing how Cruise thinks about the constant stream of eye-catching clips.

How it all started:

The deep-fake clips of Tom Cruise were first created by Miles Fisher, the video’s creator, as a side gig for the TikTok handle DeepTomCruise. Fisher is now a co-founder of a developing tech company for artificial intelligence.

Fisher contacted Tom about the Cruise videos after the Mission: Impossible star received a lot of online publicity. There don’t appear to be any negative thoughts from the actor regarding the digital renditions, as the software content developer told CoinDesk.

For uninformed people, “deep fakes” are made by placing a guy’s face on someone else’s body using artificial intelligence to make it seem like they are doing an activity they have never performed. Videos of Miles Fisher (with Tom Cruise’s appearance) golfing or offering himself a piece of advice in the mirror seem to be just fun. Many people are unable to identify that Cruise is not the person in the video because of the state-of-the-art technology.

The Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise is not the only famous person who has been included in deep fake technology. On TikTok, recordings of a deep-fake Keanu Reeves have also gained popularity, perplexing viewers. In a different clip, Bill Hader has added artificially to moments from The Terminator, taking his imitation to the next level. It’s difficult to tell if Hader and Keanu are as laid-back about everything as the Top Gun actor. Although many of these movies are just goofy and entertaining, some have questioned whether this tech might become harmful as it continues to improve.

Miles Fisher is having a bit of fun using his Tom Cruise deep fake footage, and it’s fantastic that the Hollywood actor is cool with the stuff while the possible risks are still being considered. Even though the star doesn’t actually have a TikTok account, the deep fake of Tom should be enough to entertain people by simulating the content the actor would post if he were on the platform. Although I’m confident they could work well together, I’m still hoping for a partnership involving Fisher and Cruise.

Here is what actually happened:

Chris Umé, a Belgian VFX artist, created the Tom Cruise deep fake video. He invented a method of transferring Tom’s features onto Fisher’s in what appeared to be a highly accurate application of artificial intelligence. Chris is a technologically savvy genius, and he was available, so Fisher could question him about what on earth he was staring at.

They established a pen-pal friendship through several chats because science captivated Miles. He casually indicated that it’d be simple to construct another Tom Cruise deep fake if Miles ever needed one. Evidently, the extensive data collection wasn’t just created and linked to Fisher’s face; it was also becoming more intelligent and lifelike every day. Fisher would email him the footage, and he would transform it quickly.

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